About Us

Organic Crops Gum and Glue Trading LLC is one of the premier organic agricultural exporters based in Dubai. We are exporting organic products to clients all over the world. We deal in diverse organic products like watermelon seeds, peanut kernels, pigeon peas, chickpeas etc. Our company has knowledgeable and skilled employees who are directly buying products from chosen farmers in Africa/Asia so we supply high-quality organic products to our beloved clients.

Our Mission

Organic Crops Gum and Glue Trading LLC mission is so simple. This is to serve healthy, nutritious as well as organic products to our beloved clients not only in the United Arab Emirates but all over the world in an extremely efficient manner.

Our Vision

With help of a farmer, Organic Crops Gum and Glue Trading provide our organic products to all over the world. In this way, we enhance the standard of living of rural individuals by giving them an appropriate price for their products. We believe that in this way these connected all people all over the world. We would want to see people in our country and all over the world extremely fit and healthy in both way mentally and physically through giving high-quality organic products in an environmentally friendly way.

Organic Crops LLC exports products include Arabic Gum, Olibanum (Frankincense), Sesame, Hibiscus (Roselle), Cumin seeds, Peanuts Kernels, Watermelon seeds, Chickpeas, Pigeon peas, Senna Pods/leaves, Henna and Baobab.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Organic Crops takes a remarkable interest in contributing to the event which comes in line with social accountability. We support diverse segments of our society as part of our nationwide responsibility, and we are keen to give or deliver efficient contributions which will give assistance and care for the whole community, nationwide or global.

Why Choose Us?

We are a reliable agri-business company in which endeavor to create agricultural products par quality and excellence. Our company has made a niche for ourselves in exporting high-quality organic products by our genuine and honest efforts to exceed the expectation of our valued and respected clients. We set apart from the rest by means of offering superior centric approach at a fraction of cost.

We only choose certified growers in Africa and Asia who constantly produce superior and organic products. Our stern tracking, as well as rigorous quality investigation with the assistance of critical inspectors, make sure the products don’t lose superiority during shipment. We consider utmost care in delivering the product to make sure their shelf life isn’t affected. This makes Organic Crops Gum LLC stand out as a respected agro product company in the United Arab Emirates.

Other Reasons to Choose Us

  • We are certified
  • Only fresh and high-quality organic products from Africa and Asia
  • Fast delivery
  • Friendly and fast customer service

We are your one stop shop for all organic products need in Dubai. Please feel free to visit our product page for more details or call us at +971 43721188 for further details. We are always here to help you!

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