Dried Lime

Dried Lemon, Black Lumi, Lumi Desert, Lumi Basrah, whatever it is called, refers to the small fruit with a hard shell that is used as one of the flavoring and aromatic spices. It is widely used in Indian and Iranian cuisine and a number of Arab countries. But the delicious taste and the smart smell do not represent the full benefits of this plant, but its real benefit lies in the containment of many important elements of human health.


Black Limes Uses:

Black limes are usually used in legume, seafood or meat dishes. They are pierced, peeled or crushed before adding them to the dish.

  • Beverage manufacturers use it in the form of cold and hot drinks
  • Food spices processing companies
  • One of the benefits of black lemon or dried lemon is that it acts as an antiseptic solution for the disease because of its superior ability to kill harmful bacteria developing in the digestive system

Types of Dried Lime :

  • 1 Dried Lime
  • 2 Dried Toasted Lime
  • 3 Powder

From Where We Do source Our Dried Lime?

We source our Dried lime  from different African countries including Sudan.

What types of Dried Lime  do we offer?

  • Raw ( Whole ) Dried Lime: We offer this type in one grade called the cleaned grade which is the standard grade.
  • Powder form: We offer this as a finely grounded powder made from high-quality Dried Lime.

Our Packing:

We pack the Dried Lime in 20 kg PP bags and stuff in 20 feet containers.

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